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Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Under $500

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Thao Julie talk: “Sleep is important to everyone”. That is why you should care about your own sleep quality. One of the products that enhances sleep is mattresses. With quality mattresses will ensure you have deep and good sleep. According to the study, sleeping with a rubber mattress brings many benefits to the user.Mattresses made of natural materials are also healthier. Compared with other materials, natural latex mattresses provide a relaxed and comfortable feeling for the skin as it does not contain toxic chemicals that cause irritation. The elasticity of the natural rubber component also produces the right balance, which helps the spine to relax physiologically.

You know what are benefits of latex mattresses?

According to many studies, the mattress has a direct effect on your sleep. And to prove that sleeping with a rubber mattress is good for health, please refer to the benefits of rubber mattresses as follows:

  • Support the spine of the person lying down, straighten the spine. This is a very important property to help prevent back pain after sleep, especially good for the elderly as well as children are in the development stage of the spine.
  • When lying down, it will spread evenly over the contact surface, helping the person lie comfortably in any position, without having to create high pressure points on the body to help you sleep well.
  • Do not create vibration spread when rotating the sleeping position should not affect the sleep of the next.
  • Made from 100% natural rubber, so after the end of life, the product can be decomposed naturally. This is a very important factor that is in line with the ecological criteria set out to protect the environment from pollution.

Besides such advantages there are many disadvantages when using rubber mattress.

  • There are some fake goods sold rampant in the market, and it is difficult to distinguish awareness for consumers
  • Some places that produce latex mattresses use deodorant, which can irritate the skin in some cases.
  • Prices of latex mattresses are usually higher than regular mattresses

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Best Memory Foam Mattresses Under $500 you can choose

Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Under $500

When you choose a reputable place to buy quality mattresses at a price, you will be able to get a good mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep. To choose the right mattress you can refer to the best mattress 10 inch today.

Best 10 inches mattresses

Classic Brands

The mattress is Queen size and is made of high quality memory foam material. The best price of this mattress is $ 232.72. And with this price you will save $ 66.28 (22%). There are product’s features and advantages we want to show you:

  • First of all the mattress is produced at 54% Polyester / 36% Rayon / 10% Spandex
  • This is an imported product made from high-end memory foam.
  • The mattress is specially designed to continuously refresh the gel into the memory foam to help users sleep better.
  • The mattress is composed of 3 main layers. The first is a memory foam gel and the other two are made to disperse heat and ventilate effectively. So you won’t feel hot when the temperature rises.
  • The product is made from safe, natural-friendly substances. Especially with memory foam material to help effective air conditioning and anti-bacterial and moisturizing effect.
  • The mattress is designed to embrace the shape of your body. So whether you sleep in any position, your body weight will be the maximum support.
  • This product only includes mattresses without spring boxes.
  • This product weighs 60 pounds and has the product dimensions are: 60 x 80 x 10 inches.

2. Signature Sleep

This mattress has price: $130.15 And the product has features like:

  • The mattress is made up of two layers of up to 10 inches thick. The first is a 2.5 inch thick memory foam layer and another 7.5 inches thick layer. Note that you should wait about 72 hours after receiving the product and then use. With that time the mattress will return to the original shape and lose all the strange smell.
  • Certified products are manufactured by safe materials and do not affect health or the environment.
  • When you buy the product you will be enclosed with a high-grade fabric that is easy to disassemble. Mattress products are suitable for a variety of sleeping designs.
  • A 10-inch mattress is easily wrapped and compressed in a box to transport to your home. And you can use the product after a few hours.
  • The product is designed with health and environment. With a comfortable mattress you can sleep with any style without worrying about sleep interrupted by external effects.
  • This mattress weighs 34 pounds and its product dimensions are: 39 x 75 x 10 inches.

3. Zinus

This product has price: $107.00

The features of this product are:

  • The mattress is made from high-grade memory foam with green tea essence to create good sleep. You will always feel comfortable with the soft feel of the mattress.
  • The mattress is composed of 2 layers 6 inches thick. The first layer is a 1 inch memory foam and a layer 5 inches thick later. The mattress has a premium textile cover to create a soft feel suitable for all users.
  • The product has been recognized as safe and environmentally friendly and human health. You should wait up to 48 hours after receiving the mattress so that it returns to its original shape.
  • The special feature of this product is that it contains green tea essential oils and other natural oils to create a pleasant odor that helps the client sleep. These substances help prevent moldy odor when using products.
  • The product is specially designed for you to compress or roll the mattress to move more easily.

4.  Best Price Mattress

The product has previous price: $204.99

The best price that you have: $174.00

You wil save: $30.99 (15%) with this price

Features of this product are:

  • The 3 inch thick mattress is made from high quality foam and is on the list of the most comfortable products.
  • The 7-inch mattress with 12-gauge design works independently of pocketed coils
  • The product is durable and quiet when the cover is made of high-quality poly-Jacquard fabric. The product is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.


The product has its previous price: $239.99

With the best price for you: $180.29

You wil save: $59.70 (25%)

All about its features are:

  • The mattress is composed of two layers of composite is made from high memory foam. The first layer is an entilated memory foam surface and another 7.5 inches thick.
  • The unique design of the gel makes it easy to sleep when it comes to adjusting the temperature for sleep.
  • Certified products made from safe materials for health. Also with this special material you can easily roll and compress the mattress for transport.
  • Mattress is designed to help adjust the temperature inside out of the mattress great. This gives the user a good night’s sleep.

Best 12 inch mattress

1. Signature Sleep

This product has price: $197.00

All about features:

  • The mattress is made up of two layers. The first is a 3.5-inch thick foam powder and an extra 8.5 inches thick that gives it a soft feel when sitting down. Note that you should wait about 72 hours after receiving the mattress so that it returns to the original shape and loses its odor.
  • Certified products made from safe and environmentally friendly substances.
  • The mattress is easily compressed and rolled in a small box to transport to your home. You can use the product within hours of receipt.
  • The product is designed to create comfort, reduce the body gravity so you will have many good sleep.
  • The product includes a high-grade fabric cover designed to be easily removable for washing.

2. Best Price Mattress

The mattress has its previous price: $286.16

The latest price: $230.02

With this price you will save: $56.14 (20%)

About the mattress features:

  • The mattress is made of high-grade memory foam which creates a comfortable mattress. So you will always feel like sleeping in the cloud.
  • The mattress is made up of 3 special layers. At the top is a 2.5-inch thick memory foam with two additional layers below.
  • The product is certified by Certipur-Us for user safety and environmentally friendly. With this product the warranty period will be 10 years.


This product has previous price: $269.99

The best price you have: $239.99

With this price you will save: $30.00 (11%)

There are all about the mattress features:

  • The product consists of 3 layers with vents to vent air and prevent odor or moldy odor.
  • specially the mattress design contains gel particles that help prevent heat from heat dissipation from the inside out.
  • With a ventilated design to help you sleep well. Especially with foam mattress material that makes mattress a great support for all users.
  • The mattress is wrapped in a Tencent Lyocell fabric that creates a real soft feel when lying down. In addition to the foam mattress so you can easily compress and roll to facilitate the move. The product is guaranteed for 25 years.

4. Sleep Innovations

This mattress has price: $353.45

About this mattress features:

  • TWIN MATTRESS: The 12-inch memory foam mattress is a smart choice for a good night’s sleep with all kinds of sleeping patterns.
  • SHILOH MATTRESS: The unique design helps you sleep well and stay uninterrupted. This gives you a whole new day of energy.
  • MEMORY FOAM: The mattress is made of high quality ingredients that are safe for health such as SureTemp memory foam or a Support-Plus foam underneath.
  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: You will have great sleep when your body weight is maximized with Shiloh.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Made in the United States with standard processes, special materials help the mattress easily compressed and rolled to transport to the address of the customer. The cushion of the mattress is made of poly-cotton blend to create a soft feel when lying down.

5. Zinus

The mattress has previous price: $289.00

The best price for you: $262.27

With this price you will save: $26.73 (9%)

All about its features:

  • The mattress is composed of several layers in which the important is the memory foam layer to create the appropriate degree of foam and the top layer of foam to create a great feeling of smoothness.
  • In the mattress contains natural substances such as green tea essential oils help to prevent moisture and odor effectively.
  • The mattress is made from special materials that allow it to be compressed and rolled easily. So we can ship goods to your address quickly.
  • The product is recognized safe with health and environment. You will have 10 years warranty on this product.
  • We recommend that you should wait at least 72 hours after at room temperature. With this time the mattress will return to its original and lose all odor.

Here are the best quality products we would recommend to you. You know the importance of buying mattresses to ensure good sleep. Let’s find out and carefully choose the most appropriate mattress.

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