Top Best Platform Bed Frame Under $500 to $1000

All people can’t start a new day if Not sleeping enough. Therefore, a good night sleep is necessary with everyone to start working or studying. To do that , you need to have a certain bed frame to make your bed perfect. Besides, Mattress and Top Pillow will bring to you a good sleep. And now, Farley will introduce to you “ Top Best Platform Bed Frame Under $500 to $1000”. With good material and simple design , it is true that these product is the best suitable choose for everyone a suggest some platform bed frame under $100.

Top Best Platform Bed Frame Under $500 to $1000

Khung giường nền tảng tốt nhất hàng đầu Dưới $ 500 đến $ 1000

Wooden Platform Bed Frame and Headboard

You will never be disappointed when you get this product. It seems that this is a new product, so a number of reviews are not too much. However, you will fall in love with it because it will bring the best solution to you. I can say that the bed is exceptional quality and totally worth the price. The quality of this product is evident throughout the product, materials, engineering of the construction, packaging, customer communications and the detail in the instructions. The design is definitely good if and the over was engineered as compared to a “manufactured” bed frame and is totally solid. These two sections are joined together by bolting through three 1×1 boards pre-installed on each of the two headboard sections to three full length 1×1 boards that nest up to the pre-installed boards using 5/16” bolts. The resulting headboard is as solid as if it was made from a single piece of wood. The instructions were well crafted, clear, understandable and augmented with cad drawings of the process that make it all very clear.


  • All of the wood used is solid wood of proportions
  • The bed came in three packages within which the wood boards
  • Hand-made company
  • The headboard came in two pieces, a lower and an upper piece.

Platform Bed Frame – Made in the USA

After about a year of use, the majority of customers had numerous review for this product. They decided to move and consider whether they should bring the bed frame or not.Unfortunately, the frame was put together with hex screws and the original installation performed by a large furniture company based in Southern California was performed poorly. The drive portion of the screws had been worn out and I was not able to take the bed apart without using special tools or damaging the frame.
Why does all that matter? I threw the old bed frame away and decided to look for something else that would last, something I could put together and take apart on a whim since my job dictates I need to move every now and then. I didn’t find anything because I am stupid. My wife, however, is smart! She found this bed frame and told me to pay for it. And I did. I actually contacted the company, too, because I can’t help but hassle companies when I give them $100 or more. I don’t know, it’s just a thing for me. The customer support at eLuxury is awesome, so awesome that even if I hated the bed I would still recommend buying a bed frame from them. Fortunately, I do love the bed. There is no need for a box spring with the slats on this frame and the sturdy construction means I can sleep with ease knowing that my bed frame is not going to cave in and swallow my corpulent body in the middle of the night. I have a nice mattress already, but the bed frame provides the right amount of support to ensure I sleep comfortably.I highly recommend this bed frame as well as the seller. Shipping was prompt and the item was as described. They do not mess with photos to give you a false impression of what you are buying. Honesty is currency as far as I am concerned, which makes eLuxury the wealthiest bed frame seller I know.


  • 100% North American Pine Wood
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Solid North American Pine Platform Bed Frame with 7-layer Pressed Pine Wooden Slats
  • TOOL FREE ASSEMBLY – All Pieces Snap Together in 3 Minutes or Less with Only One Person
  • KING BED FRAME – 81.5″ x 77.75″ x 13.5″ – 6.5″ Ground Clearance
  • FURNITURE GRADE WOOD STAIN – Beautiful Walnut Stain with a Protective Clear Coat
  • NO BOXSPRING REQUIRED – Mattress Support Slats Spaced 6″ Apart | Rated to Support up to 900 lbs |
  • Perfect Foundation for Memory Foam Mattresses

Wood Platform Bed Frame

The frame is good, and its surprisingly easy to put together. It took me less than 15 minutes to put this frame together, and I am sure that if we ever need to move it to a different house, it will be super easy to take apart and put together again. Its not perfect. Some of the wood doesn’t fit as nicely as I would like, but I don’t think anybody will ever notice.
We haven’t slept on it yet, so I can’t say anything about how stable or noisy it is.
My main issue with the frame is that the treated wood had a very strong chemical smell. I called the company to asked them about it and they said they never heard of the wood smelling, which I am already surprised about, because it was seriously a strong smell. I asked them how long should I let the frame off gas, they had no idea. I asked them which product they put on the wood so I can do my own research, and they don’t know. Finally the lady on the other side of the line contacted the supplier and said that whatever they put on the wood is low VOC, but couldn’t tell me anything else about it.
I am disappointed that the company has no idea what they are selling. So I am taking one star off because of the smell, and another star because the company doesn’t know their own product.
We let our frame in an empty room with the windows open and the fan running, and after 3 days the smell was gone. Sadly that doesn’t mean that the wood is done off gassing, so if you want to be safe you should leave the frame outside in the sun for a week or so, which is a pain, but its better than your mattress absorbing all that nasty smell, and you breathing all those chemicals while you sleep.


  • CALIFORNIA KING SIZE BED FRAME DIMENSIONS – 85.5″ x 73.75″ x 13.5″, made to fit a California King size mattress

The Frame Gold Brushed Steel Frame Platform Metal Bed Frame

I like it. It’s sturdy, looks nice and easy to assemble. I’m docking one star out because it initially squeaked at the joints. Fixing it required spraying silicone spray (or wd40 if you have it) to quiet the noise. I initially tried tightening the bolts more then putting some treadloc (red) but neither removed the squeaking noises. I didn’t really want to tighten it to death grip levels for fear of stripping off the nuts. The silicone spray appears to have done the trick and the squeaking has disappeared.


  • Gold brushed steel bed frame
  • Provides solid support for a mattress without the need for a box spring or foundation
  • 2.5″ wide wooden birch laminated support slats that are 3″ apart from each other
  • Stands 14″ off the ground
  • Easy to assemble with no required tools
  • Product information King (W 76″ x L 80″ x H 14″)
  • Item Weight 80 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 80 x 14 x 76 inches

Zinus 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frames

We love it. It’s very sturdy. It assembled in about an hour. My husband and I worked together to assemble it. He did most of the work. He said that he thinks it could be assembled by one person, and that the instructions were clear. The box with the bed in it was very heavy – according to the Amazon listing, the item weighs 45.7 pounds.

It’s a platform bed frame, so it’s meant to be used without a box spring – a box spring is not needed. I believe the slats are appropriately spaced so that the mattress can breathe, and so the slats provide enough support for the mattress.

The measurement from the floor to the top of the platform is 12 inches. Our mattress is 6 inches, so the total height of our bed is 18 inches. There are 6 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed. I keep some shoes under the bed.

The bed has 2 additional legs/posts in the middle. You can see one of these in one of the photos. Of course, these posts add to the sturdiness of the bed frame. These legs/posts are metal with a footprint that’s about 1 inch square. We put carpet protectors underneath these two legs/posts. The carpet protectors we used don’t add very much to the height – maybe about 1/4 inch, so that’s not a problem.

We put a “safe corner cushion” on one of the top corners because I hit my shin a couple of times. We found a corner cushion in brown and it looks fine. It was only needed on one of the corners because of the “route” around the bed to get to the far side.

I was a little worried that I might stub my toes on the legs, but the legs are visible, and so far no problem with my toes.

The mattress sits right on top of the platform – it’s not indented. I prefer this, because it’s much easier to make the bed and put on the elasticized bottom sheet.

We did a lot of looking before we bought this. This is the best-looking frame that we found, and also has the best price. The big box mattress stores had nothing that we wanted.


  • 12 inches high with 3.5 inch frame
  • Wood Frame, not meant for use with a headboard or footboard
  • Worry free 5 year warranty
  • Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use and non-slip tape on the wooden slats prevents your mattress from moving

The Purple Platform Base

I’ve been an engineer for a longtime. I always pay attention to how things are designed, made, packaged and what kind of instructions come along with things. It takes a lot to impress me, like a lot. This bed frame / base is IMPRESSIVE. You can tell everything was expertly thought out and exicuted well. From the design of the bed to how it’s packaged and the instructions for assembly; it’s all done very well. Great job Purple, this is a solid purchase that’s well worth the investment.


  • Stops your mattress from sagging so your back feels better
  • Squeakless base gives you the silent sleep of baby kittens
  • Extend the life of your mattress and keep your warranty
  • Steel platform banishes bed bugs and dust mites
  • Product information Queen
  • Item Weight 46 pounds
  • Package Dimensions 41.6 x 30.4 x 8.4 inches

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Tight Top iCoil Spring Mattress and Metal Platform Bed Frame Set


  • Independent operating coils create a responsive and supportive sleep experience
  • Virtually no Motion-Transfer between sleep partners
  • Completed mattress support system-Replace old frame & box spring
  • Easy to assemble – in minutes – No Tool required
  • 14″ High-Storage space
  • Product information Full , 8 Inch Set
  • Item Weight 100 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 75 x 54 x 22 inches

Best Price Mattress Model H Easy Set-Up Steel Platform Bed

I purchased this frame because it seemed easy to set up and it was xl Twin. It WAS easy to set up…. I am 57 and a girl….it took me about 15 minutes to set up. It is true black and metal. The instructions were simple and easy to understand, with pictures. It is solid and a good solid weight. It does have a center bar with 2 feet. I think this will add to the stability of the frame. I purchased a memory foam xl twin mattress (also from Amazon) and it fit perfectly. The mattress I purchased is 11″ thick and so it rises above the footboard, but I am ok with that look. I like that the foot and headboard are simple, plain design. It is nice that should we ever decide to do so, we could disassemble, fold up and store. I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful.


  • All-in-one mattress support frame foundation with built-in headboard and footboard
  • Easy & Quick Set up !
  • Sturdy 100% steel construction
  • No box spring required
  • Includes 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Product information Twin , Black
  • Item Weight 35.7 Pounds
  • Is Assembly Required Yes
  • Warranty Description 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Zinus 18 Inch Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Love, Love, Love the new bed we have put together! I mean LOVE!! The family does too! Everyone wants it now! hehehe!!
We built it on this 18″ foundation in a king size. Then added the Zinus 12″ memory foam mattress which was wonderful , but we wanted extra plush so we also added a memory foam topper, and enclosed both in a mattress protector, and topped that with a quilted mattress topper then sheets. There is absolutely NO need for a box spring! Bedside steps yes, (with a 12″ mattress , and topper our bed is 33 inches tall, and I am 61 inches tall! hahaha!) but no boxspring. With all the money we saved we also purchased brand new pillows(6), sheets, & pillowcases!

My better half & I have been together for forever now, & have always had queen size beds. **The very first reason being costs! Don’t ever believe they “gave” you the boxspring for free either. You get charged for it with the mattress – already included in the price. Raising a family can get really expensive! Which is why we have always gone for the Queen size; However now that our oldest has left home, & the fact that we can knock off the price of a boxspring using this foundation/frame we finally went for the upgrade, & couldn’t be happier!!
**I should mention this foundation works with boxsping mattresses as well, so even if you are just in need of replacing a boxspring – this will work for you, & support your mattress as it should be.


  • The Premium 18 Inch Smart Base eliminates the need for a traditional box spring and bed frame
    18 Inch high with 17 Inch of clearance under the frame for 4 extra Inch of under bed storage space
  • Strong, steel mattress support / Low-Stress, Easy Assembly in minutes with no tools required
  • Folding design allows for easy storage and movement through tight staircases and doorways
  • Requires the use of SmartBase headboard brackets to connect to a headboard
  • Product information Twin , SmartBase
  • Item Weight 21.4 Pounds

Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame – Modern, Finish

Not missing pieces, easy to setup. Heavy as all hell though!

So far enjoying it quite a bit. Makes the support in a bed much nicer and adds firmness. Not moving or squeaking at all.

We got it on sale and it is well worth every penny.

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